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Singer/Songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky

If, when you hear 90's alt-rock like Counting Crows or Radiohead, you imagine artful and poetic songs that reflect the realities of life, you might be right. Brian Troy is passionate, honest, and dynamic and his music is catchy, while expressing his personal perspective on life. 

When asked why he is different from other artists, Brian Troy says “I write songs for me. To get those emotions out of my head. And, hopefully, other people can relate.” Brian Troy's belief is that we aren't alone in our march through life, and music can remind us of that. 

He has been writing and performing since 2005, starting in local coffee shops. In 2016, he released his first full length album - Factotum. A few years, and several singles later, his latest album - Phoenix, is scheduled to drop on March 5, 2021. 


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